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Post by Fniff on Sun May 08, 2011 1:48 am

Post your own sketches, or post YouTube videos of your favorites!

Here is my Forgetful Suicide Bomber series of sketches. It's based off four lions.

Sketch 1

Suicide Bomber is in his messy flat. He attaches an obvious bomb to his chest, and wears a coat over it. He says a prayer and moves with silent determination towards the airport.

He goes though customs fine, and he gets on the plane. The plane gets up in the air, and heads through the air easily. The Bomber enjoys some airplane food (Single serving meal, mini white wine, pringles.). The plane lands, and he walks out of the airport.

Bomber: Shit... What was I meant to do...?

He feels his coat. He stops when he feels the bomb.

Bomber: Oh dammit!


He searches his pockets. The airline ticket is marked SINGLE NO RETURN.

Bomber: GAH!

Sketch 2

The same Bomber is in his flat. He puts a small bomb in his coat. He gets on the plane. He takes off his coat.

Intercom: Sorry, but could the passengers please move to another plane? Due to difficulties, this plane must be sent for repairing. 

The Bomber goes to the other flight happily. It goes up in the air finely.

Midway through the flight, he stands up with the wireless detonator. 

Bomber: For Allah!

He presses the button.

A shot of the coat on the other empty plane, and a shot of it exploding while docked.

A shot back to Bomber. He presses the detonator again. And again. 

Bomber: Uhh...*Pauses for thought.* Got you! Just a 9/11 anniversary practical joke!

Alternate version:

Bomber: ...*Pauses for thought.* April fool!

Random Guy: It's September.

Bomber: Oh God shut up.

He laughs nervously and sits down. Everyone stares at him.

Sketch 3

The Bomber is at a modern looking office. He walks into the Managers Office, holding an "I HEART ALLAH" mug. The Manager looks glum.

Manager:  Please, sit down.

Bomber sits down, and sips his mug.

Manager: Listen, you are our longest employee at Suicide Cooperated. You have been here--

Bomber: 23 years, 4 months, 22 days and 12 hours. *Smiles.*

Manager: *Still glum.* But... I am sorry to say we have to let you go.

Bomber: *Shocked.* You...You are going to fire me? Why?

Manager: Well, you have participated in 349 Missions, and each one you have failed. We usually expect most Bombers to last two weeks at the most, counting training. But you spent two years in training!

Bomber: It was too hard! I didn't have the stomach for all that guts flying everywhere stuff! Please, this job is my life!

Manager: You can find other opportunities at other subsaries such as Militia Inc and Extremists Corp.  Now, go home. Get some rest. Watch Four Lions again.

The Bomber stands up, and walks out dejected. We see him go on a plane. He suddenly feels something under his shirt. It's a bomb. In his pockets, he finds a detonator. He looks around, and he is surrounded by women in burkas and Arabic priests. Bomber begins to cry.







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Re: Sketches!

Post by GrinningManiac on Tue May 10, 2011 4:25 pm

Damn, this is pretty black comedy

Having said that, the first one was really funny. The 2nd and 3rd were a little depressing 'cus I began to pity the poor bloke, but the first was hilarious.

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Re: Sketches!

Post by LordCuthberton on Sun May 29, 2011 10:30 pm

I can see the first one making it into a risque BBC 3 type show.

Good job!

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Re: Sketches!

Post by Pararaptor on Mon May 30, 2011 7:11 am

What the hell, I thought I posted this before.

Sketch 3 is too similar to an existing sketch about a kamikaze pilot.
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Re: Sketches!

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