Microsoft Paint Adventure: Journey Into The Wastes.

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Microsoft Paint Adventure: Journey Into The Wastes.

Post by Fniff on Sat Oct 09, 2010 4:18 pm

OK, here is the idea of a MS Paint Adventure:

A person makes an image (Usually with Microsoft paint and very crudely drawn) with a character in it, and some describing text (Like this: This is Herpy Herpy doo, and Herpy is in a Dongly Doodly doo.)

Another person asks the original person to make the character do something. (Push that button over there.)

The Original Person makes another image, showing the result. (Herpy killed everyone!)


Now, that you are aware of what the hell an MS Paint Adventure is, let's get started. This particular MSpaint adventure takes place in the fallout universe, so if you don't know what Fallout is, check up on some parts here:


War...War never changes.

Dynamite was meant for safe mining, but was used for war. Ammonia was used for making plants grow larger, but was used to make explosives in the First World War. The Airplane was used as a way of transporting materials and never meant for war, but in 1945 dropped humanity's greatest and worst weapon, the atomic bomb.

After a horrific war that destroyed most of Europe and the Middle East that caused gas prices to skyrocket to unseen levels as the oil slowly ran out, America and China engaged in war. In 2077, it went nuclear. The Great War lasted two hours, and humanity was mostly wiped out, apart from some living in giant underground vaults, and some hardy citizens.

The weapons may be for peace and work, but in the end, they are always used for war. And war never changes.


You have been wandering for two months now. You have forgotten your name, in your fever. There is a few tufts of some sort of grass poking through the cracks in the sand, a broken and miserable looking tree a few yards in front of you and miles upon miles of what seems to be the same. There seems to be a ruined town a few miles north.


What is your name?
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Re: Microsoft Paint Adventure: Journey Into The Wastes.

Post by Leviticus on Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:46 am

When I first seen this I was a little hasty in reading the rules and thought it was a continue the story thread. But then only later realized that it was one of those OP draws everything kind of things.

By then I had already drawn something.

So this is what it'd be like if this was a continue the story thread. (Which it isn't ..But just if it was.)

1. Nameless wastelander takes rotten food from pack. NW observes rotten food. Rotten food sucks.
2. A cute little white girl smells the food from behind a tree.
3. NW takes notice of the girl.
4. He offers the rotten food to the child.
5. Filthy girl goes to take a bite.
6. Rotten food removed, Human flesh received.

I dreamed I saw an angel, the last of all that host Of cold and barren
angels, whose wings have worn to rust. A dead and bloodied warrior
a-lying in the dust. I turned my eye to heaven and offered him a prayer.
Begged he forgive a traveler, whose words were so ill-found, A poor and
lonely heirophant on holy service bound. In the darkness cowering I
spied a pile of bones and feared to meet the kind of man who sat on such
a throne. who wore a bleak and wretched face, a face that was my own
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Re: Microsoft Paint Adventure: Journey Into The Wastes.

Post by The Moonbai on Tue Mar 01, 2011 12:03 pm

What happens when you fight hordes of mutated abominations on an empty stomach and...

What idiot with a pip boy would drink that stuff? You deserve this.
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Re: Microsoft Paint Adventure: Journey Into The Wastes.

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