Badverts N5

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Badverts N5

Post by Fniff on Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:50 pm

I fraking knew it. The people programming, developing and advertising Cultures Online live, work and are born in a horrible sweatshop that makes them make horrible horrible games and adverts the horrible games. Thus, they have never seen a human before.

Problem time!

1: Pirate like chest where the owners are so obviously vikings.
2: Vikings never had horns. Nor candles.
3: What the hell is up with their faces? Lady looks like she is mentally retarded (This is not just an internet slang. She does look it.) and Man there looks like he is about to rape you and leave you for dead (Vikings actually usually did this, so a point there.)
4: What the hell is this game? I have no idea what this is, apart from it being free to play and browser based. What is it?
5: What the frak is a hurry scurry? I am going to search it up in the dictionary. Wait a moment. *Thank christ for that Dictionary app on macs.*Here it is!
hurry-scurry archaic
disorderly haste; confused hurrying.
adjective & adverb
with hurry and confusion.
ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: reduplication of hurry .
...What? Why would I want to join confused hurrying? What does this have to do with vikings? I am not an Irish monk during the dark ages, I am supposed to be the vikings...I think.
6: Based on the above, who is hurry-scurring? The vikings? The monks they are going to rape? Someone else entirely? Who?

Well, that's it-- Oh for chirst's sake.

You know it's a never-ending battle, people. Bad adverts will keep coming, and this one is no different.


1: Woozlife? Dictionary time! *YAY FOR APPLE* No. Nothing. Woozily. That's it. Wooz is just some sort of idiotic advertising word so that you can spend your hard earned money on a shitty product probably from a nation that has changed names 1000 times in the past five minutes.
2: Come in and get rich? That quickly? That...Doesn't...What? OK, I am going to consult the Chesire Cat on this.

pirat Hi, Cat.
pirat How fast does it take to get rich?
pirat Look at the above advertisement, please.
What a Face ... I AM GOING AWAY NOW.

That did nothing. Anyway, you know how in WOW, it took you three months to get your groove going and get some cash flowing? Guess what? If the people who created Woozlife created WOW, it would consist of this.

WOW Player: Wow, what a cool game! A fully living world! This is so cool, I will be able to start a new li--
Game: HELLO! Guess what? You just got the best armor in the game, the best weapon and the best spell. Go away now. And give us all of your money.
3: If you get rich automatically when you enter woozlife, then... What's the point? You can't show off to your friends, they are rich too. You can't talk with people, because what is there to say? "I bought my 2000th pool today". "Nothing, I bought my ∞ pool today!" "You bought...Infinite pools?"
And even if they somehow made it so that you'd have to get rich... Then this is false advertising. It just says: Come in, get rich. This heavily implies that you are rich already. What? Jesus, I hate adverts.







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Re: Badverts N5

Post by Furburt on Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:51 am


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