Fniff Reviews: Badverts N4

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Fniff Reviews: Badverts N4

Post by Fniff on Thu Oct 14, 2010 10:18 pm

You know, I read creepypasta. In fact, I love it. To properly enjoy them, you have to read in bunches, cause there is a lot of bad ones, and with creepypasta, 50 wrongs make lots of right. There is this one popular creepypasta topic I found, detailing the activities of the "Black Eyed Kids", creatures that take the form of children with totally black eyes. At the end, it is very suggested you run the fuck away when you see one, especially if it asks for help.

I just found the Black Eyed Guy.

Who is he? Good question. He has no resemblence to a human being, let alone Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or Nicolas Cage, one of which I would glady go gay for (Guess which one).

Let me tell you this. This is an advert. Here is where it links. Though I walk through the shadow of death... If you go for that link, then you are a braver man then me.

OK, the problems.


The color scheme is horrible. Pink, green, blue, yellow on purple. It looks like it was made in photoshop. The hell is that thing that is now staring at me. How many teeth does that thing have, and how many does it use to eat the flesh of unsuspecting hitchhikers. The shadows are insane. His eyes scare me. He looks nothing like Brad Pitt, Tom Cruis or Nicolas Cage. Oh God, why.

OK, viewers. Tell me what the hell is on that web page I linked eariler. I cannot enter it. I just managed to get the link, then I shut the tab. Please, explain what this horrible horrible creature that is now staring at me on my desktop has anything to do with Brad Pitt, Tom Cruis or Nicolas Cage.







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Re: Fniff Reviews: Badverts N4

Post by Timotei on Fri Oct 15, 2010 11:22 am

Looks like someone graduated pre-photoshop.

I hate fucking ads like this. Often because they come en masse along the side bar and make the page longer than they should.

Your sig annoyed me


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