Kharloth Reviews: Metro Last Light

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Kharloth Reviews: Metro Last Light

Post by Komrade Kharloth on Sat Jun 08, 2013 5:17 am

Metro Last Light is a linear, first person shooter and the sequel to the post-apocalyptic Metro 2033. Following it's predecessor the game takes place in a ruinous Moscow, devastated by a nuclear war 20 years ago, where some of the population fled to the underground rail metro, one of the largest nuclear bunkers in the world, the world was enveloped in a nuclear winter, mutated animals roamed the surface and the stations of the metro became small towns in which new organizations and societies would emerge.

In the previous game, Artyom destroyed the Dark Ones, a new psychic leap in human evolution, with a barrage of pre-war missiles found in the newly discovered D6, a long-hidden military installation/armory/base. Continuing on with the story where it left off, Artyom (now a formal member of the rangers) is sent on a mission to investigate sightings of a surviving Dark One at the ruins of their former home, eventually plot device happens and Artyom is once again on a journey through the metro in pursuit of the Dark One. It's here that we find the next major plot that will be the center of the story until the final quarter of the game; the discovery of D6 has sparked a massive arms race and military build-up between the major factions of the metro: The reborn Soviet Red Line stations, the capitalist and wealthy Hansa, and the neo-nazi Reich, for whoever controls D6 will be able to dominate the metro as the sole power. Artyom is also tasked with doing whatever it takes to prevent an all-out war in the metro, along the way he'll suffer betrayal, discover gruesome secret plans and leave a trail of monster and human corpses in his wake.

The story is pretty good, not great, but not bad either, it mostly serves as a backdrop and undercurrent for the player to immerse themselves in the beautiful, fleshed out scenery and sad, oppressive atmosphere that Metro 2033 was well known for. Continuing on with the world itself, it's easily the high point of the game, it's packed with detail and scenery porn, in stark contrast to the somewhat empty world of 2033, this one seems packed with life, stations are bursting with people, the nuclear winter has given way to spring causing an explosion in the mutant/monster population. You'll fight your way through hurricanes, concentration camps, underground factories, a plague infested station and much more. There's a hell of alot of variety in location and detail and the developers did a stunning job creating this world. Also on a little note, the costume design is the best I've ever seen in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Now down to the meaty gameplay and combat, Metro 2033 had a reputation of being somewhat difficult, especially in the stealth department. Last light in the opposite, where stealth is now overpowered due to the absurdly thick human AI, evidently the arrival of the nuclear spring has left most people death and with a crippling case of tunnel vision, it's quite easy to clear a section using a knife alone, not even counting in things like throwing knives or silenced guns. Otherwise firefights are good fun, shooting now seems to pack more punch due to the better animations and sound. We have new guns and enemies to tinker with, the game also has the addition of some good monster boss fights, in stark contrast to the relative easiness of the human sections, fighting monsters is harder and more panicky due to the more up and personal fights and lack of ammo.

Overall, it's a worthy sequel to Metro 2033 and a damn good entry into the post-apocalyptic genre. Some fans might be disappointed by the drop in difficulty, but if you loved the world and atmosphere of the first game, Last Light will not disappoint. For those that didn't play the first game, it's quite enjoyable by itself and a fun play, although I recommend you play through 2033 first, you'll appreciate Last Light much more.


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Re: Kharloth Reviews: Metro Last Light

Post by PayJ on Sat Jun 08, 2013 8:59 am

So gutted 2033 isn't on the Ps3. Super Gay. Tempted to get this one but I can't stop playing GTA4.

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