Bombing in Boston

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Re: Bombing in Boston

Post by Xandy on Fri Apr 19, 2013 11:46 pm

Gun down all brownish people in the streets. It's the only way to be safe.

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Re: Bombing in Boston

Post by owyn_merrilin on Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:23 am

stinkychops wrote:Are there any Americans on this forum who can tell us how the Joe Blow feels about his safety?

For most of the country today, it was business as usual. This is something that I understand a lot of people from outside the country have a hard time fully realizing, but the United States is a massive country. All of Europe would fit into the US easily. As a Floridian, hearing something like this happened in Boston would be kind of like someone in London hearing about an attack in Madrid. Sure your country has economic ties (and you might even have friends and family who live in the area) to the place, but that doesn't exactly mean you're personally in any danger. I would have said Paris, but that's actually too close geographically to be a good example. If anyone outside of Boston feels particularly unsafe right now, it's people of middle eastern descent, because anti-muslim and anti-middle eastern bigotry is still a big thing left over from the 9/11 hysteria, and it gets going again every time anything like this happens, whether it's tied to the middle east or not. A friend of mine (who is of middle eastern extraction) got home and found a letter containing death threats on his doorstep shortly after the news hit. This was back when there was no suspect, and the most likely option still seemed to be a lone right wing nut. People just assumed it was Islamic fundamentalists because in their minds, all muslims are terrorists, and all terrorists are muslims.

And I find it funny that Kharloth called it, especially since that post read like the usual crossing the line twice humor you see around here. Fess up, you were joking and the joke turned out to be true, didn't it? :P

P.S.: From what I was seeing on the news today, "a state of siege" actually is a fair description of what things were like in Boston today. They even used the phrase on the news pretty frequently.

Also, they've apparently managed to catch the second brother alive. So not only is he no longer on the loose, but they should be able to find out what his motives were.
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