Badverts N12

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Badverts N12

Post by Fniff on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:34 pm

God, if I was a normal 12 year old boy, I'd fall for this. Thank god for me having puritan levels of being very hard to turn on.


1: What is up with that woman? Purple hair, extremely odd mask and stupid outfit? What part of me is supposed to be turned on? The one that fantasies killing everyone I know in a cloud of blood and gore? Jesus, I am very thankful I never told that part of my brain to make some porn, or there might be Satan in there or some scary crap.
2: This is what tires me about adverts. They say "Click Here!", but you could click anywhere and you would have been brought to the site anyway! Agh.
3: As I expressed in my story, The Sad Tale Of Fniff's Ipad (Read it, it's in the creative forums.), I don't want an ipad, much less a free one. Everyone who wanted one got one. The rest got a kindle or whatever plastic sheet that looked promising.
4: Play to win? Is this an...Advert for an MMO?
5: Wait, deceptive marketing, "Sexy" women, damn near painful amounts of sex sells... Is this fucking Evony? My God. It's finally happened. Evony's marketing department has become so detached from reality they are advertising a completely different thing. Jesus, I hope that this doesn't continue, or maybe the marketting department will start marketting Evony as a first person shooter set in a imaginary pig's eye.







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Re: Badverts N12

Post by MilkyFresh on Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:43 am

Hehe, that was an especially good one Fniff.

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