Badverts N11

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Badverts N11

Post by Fniff on Wed Nov 10, 2010 4:43 pm

I was in Antarctica, trying to find parts to make a death ray when I found this photo and a note, saying "Jiax Milll Cthulu Ia Ia Awakens, Badakus Advertise". I decided to take it and review it, after finishing that bloody business with that shadow that keeps following me when I accidentally broke an Orb by throwing it off a bridge.

Anyway, problems.

1: What the hell is a buttle? Why does the baby need it?
2: Why is the baby crying little Xs? That's kinda creepy.
3: What the hell is up with the background? This is no rhyme or reason!
4: Why are is the baby's teeth so...Weird? They are scaring me, for no reason!
5: Is it me, or is the baby's mouth unusually huge? Human mouths do not go that far open.
6: I think you are a little demanding. How do you know the baby needs the buttle? Did you read my copy of "The Mad Scientist's Guide To Horrific Ancient Creatures"? I want that back! (The Mad Scientist's Guide To Horrific Ancient Creatures is on sale for 2.99, get it while stocks last. Our operators are standing by. Call 0900-9500-725-MADSCIENCE for more info.)
7: Anyway, continuing on that note, why is the baby's nose so big? It's weird.







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Re: Badverts N11

Post by GrinningManiac on Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:30 pm

I'm more worried about the fact that the baby's tearducts are capable of blasting a STREAM of blue liquid with enough force to break away from gravity and actually shoot out into mid-air

Reminds me of those creepy lizards who shoot blood out of their eyes to deter predators

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