Minecraft Mod: Sadism

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Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by Moldiworp2 on Mon May 28, 2012 1:11 pm

This mod is a response to the trading system to be introduced in 1.3.
I feel it will overall improve the interaction with villagers (especially trading, crape)

Link to the MCforums (otherwise known as 'The Zoo') topic:


Also if you truly can't wait to start bloodying their blasted hides, then I leave you with this link:


--Hunger System--
Villagers now get fed from their farms, taking and replanting wheat and placing it in the nearest farmhouse.
If they run out of food or an errant creeper knocks out their farm, they will starve.
hungrier villagers get, the skinnier and more emaciated they get, til
after 7 mc days of not eating, they get starvation.

--Happiness System--
villager will now have a happiness rating. Depending on how hungry they
are, how much health they have and how many acts of sadness they
witness are some factors.
The sadder a villager is the more they will
weep, stopping for a moment and emitting tear particles. Once they are
completely sad, they will seek any way to kill themselves while weeping
the whole time (runs at zombies and stands their weeping. Lava, Fire,
Drowning, Falling or Damage Blocks)
If 2 villagers weep non stop for half a day, they will place a salt water flow below them

Blood will now be a new type of liquid.
When bled villagers create a blood source block for 5 seconds.
Villagers and animals automatically avoid blood, trying for the nearest exit when they get in it.
Makes for good weep farms, as villagers hate watching their friends drown in blood.
Bottled blood can be used to feed villagers or splashed on the walls to make blood 'paintings'. To give it that homely feel.

2 or more villagers cry for half a day causes a Salt Water flow for 5
seconds. Force them to cry by causing them pain or watching acts of
Weeping Villagers can be held in place by one of the immobilization blocks, then placed above a hopper.
the hopper is powered, it will take the salt water block and place a
regular water flow below it for 5 seconds, extracting 4 units of salt in
the process, if you have a cloth filter

--Sickness & Ailments--
can now get ill, whether its from eating too much rotten meat, or just
drinking too much of their own blood, there are multiple different
ailments a villager can get.
Plague (goes for a week, slowly become Locklimbed, Blind, Blood Eyed, Blood Eared )
Lacerations (from knife heads. Causes excessive bloodflows)
Hemophilia (from breeding with a parent, causes non-stop bleeding til death if damaged),
(foam from the mouth, make bark noises and randomly attack any living
entities until dead within range. Gotten from wolves.)
Abrasions (light wounds from Sander or Salt Blasting)
Starvation (emit particles,
Scurvy (from Salt)
Blood Loss (Pale, particle effect, blue lips)
causes severe damage and they will no longer meet the gaze of other
villagers, if child they will not play and just rock in a corner all day
except to eat)
Mad (random behavior, forgoes all rules including weeping (not blood of course))
Tenderfoot(causes them to walk 20% slower and jump half as high)
Locklimb(causes villagers to be unable to open doors or ladders. Wears off after a day)
Nasty Burns(looks pretty nasty)
Chinked Neck(head is constantly at an angle, bone showing. Chinking necks to tilt head upwards opens their faces up for abuse)
Blood Eye (comes from having head submerged in Lye, villagers weep blood, and now create blood flows when weeping. Lasts 1 day)
Blood Ear (created from hearing too many explosions, if overloaded with sound can cause instant death and blood flows.)
Blind (cannot see at all, will turn randomly when bumping into things.)

--Force Feeding--
Using pistons or water flows you can channel food into their mouths (if held open by a feeding mask)
you can force feed but probably shouldn't: Salt (gives scurvy), Soap,
Hellfire Dust (if a villager is completely filled with hellfire dust,
they will explode if they take ANY damage

--Dynamic Villager Weight--

Depending on how much food a villager eats each day causes them to gain/lose weight.
will have a noticeable effect on their appearance, starving villagers
will be emaciated with bags under their eyes, overfed villagers will
have massive paunches.
This will have varied effects such as:
The fatter/thinner a villager is, the more/less times they can be bled in a day.
increases/decreases the amount of fuel they can be turned into in a
kiln, and they can count as more/less than 1 carcass (.5 if thin) in
reference to sickness. Also drop more/less meat.
Pregnant villagers count as being overweight.

--New Breeding--
Breeding is a little different to the norm w/ this. Villagers now have
m/f, Fmales when mating get progressively pregnant (and therefore larger
belly's) over 8 days.
On the 8th day she will sit on a bed and pop that little hellion out. Featuring nasty particles!

--New Dying--
Villagers die, they leave behind a carcass. Pushable by pistons! You
can turn it into an item with the shovel. Carcasses have 4 stages of
decomposition over 4 mc days:
1.Freshly Dead, a bit paler and blue around lips and eyes. Will drop dung some point in the first day.
2.Rotting. Skin starting to slough off, gaping wounds appearing.
3.Stank. Bits of flesh still cling to bone, a large portion of skeletal system evident.
4.Skeletal Remains. Can be burnt in a kiln to give potash.
-Dropping a fresh carcass into a stewing pot allows you to render it down for 1 Tallow, 2 glue.
-Skeletal Remains give only give 2 glue, beheading gives you skull.
-Skeletal remains will disappear after one day.
-Remains will rot in your inventory as well, stopping at skeletal.


Sanding Belt. Same as BTW pretty much. Can be used for torture.
Heating a cauldron filled with liquid boils it, cooking any villager slowly .
Plate. Basically an iron half block, changes its texture to red-ish and
emits minor smoke particles when above a fire. Gives immediate
-Guillotine. Because guillotine.
-Axle-stick thing(?).
When powered by mech power, it revolves about its axis (much like a
vertical turntable) Can attach heads to the end, for varied uses.
Kicks villagers, w/small dmg and knockback. Kick a pregnant villager to
stop the birth if before 4 days pregnancy. After 4 days kicking results
in instant birth, but the mother dies.
Axe. Can cut ropes and behead corpses.

--Piston Heads--

Can also be placed on ground or walls for varied effects.
Head for piston. Villager heads/Skulls can be placed on them. Villagers
will avoid heads on spears, and it drops their happiness. Heads can
spread Illness, Skulls cannot.
-Stabby Wire thing for piston: Lets you bleed animals.
Can stab them with 4 wires at once, but be WARNED, bleeding things too much each day KILLS them (woah!)
Doesn't do damage, or much of anything really. Same deal as snowballs.
You can jab them for fun, all day from 10 different directions. Plus
they don't like it.
-Tuning Fork. My personal favourite, tune then
place on piston. When a villager is jabbed they will emit a grunt of
pain in the pitch of the fork. Children have squeeks. Choir time anyone?

--Immobilization blocks--

Any block that causes a villager to stay in place for more than a day gives them Locklimb.
-Wall Harness. Can strap villagers into them, for breeding/weeping/bleeding machines.
-Mouth Harness to hold the villagers mouths open, for forced feeding.
-Leg Shackles to stop villagers jumping.
Can tie a villager up with a lot of rope, and dangle him from the
ceiling. Gives chink neck if dangled for more than a day. Can be placed
on their side.
-Cement. Using BTW cement, cover them head to toe and
you can crack em out later. The villager will swiftly suffocate. Once
dead the villagers carcass will rot as normal, only standing up.
Skeletons in cement will not de-spawn.
Alternatively you can only submerge their feet in cement, immobilizing them on the spot but still living.
Skeletons with cement shoes do not des-pawn.
-Ball and Chain. Reduces happiness when villagers move and slows them by 50%.
-Cages! One for the mother and one for the daughter (comes in 2 sizes, Large &; Small)

--Slavery (far future)--
In the far future, you will be able to put collars on villagers after reducing their sadness to zero.
make a villager your slave, first you have to reduce their happiness to
zero. Then you must break them. And I mean literally, like a wild
horse. Get some rope and make a lasso, then rope yourself a villager,
tie them to a stump/fence/appropriate block and leave em' there for
three days without food. They'll jump about a bit, grunt with rage, pain
and shame. No doubt they will attempt suicide, so don't let that happen
either (or not). Light levels, sickness, filth (dung, dirt/muck and
blood) all factor into how quickly you can break your slave.
will obey your every command without a hint of rebellion (although many
hints of insanity), although thankfully your dominion over them is such
that they fear you more than death, so they won't try and kill
-Slave children do not get old. I guess the malnourishment stunts their growth.
due to the nature of their work, do not get fat no matter how much you
feed them. They've learnt to always eat when the opportunity presents
itself. Which is rarely because you never feed them.
-Similar to
domesticated animals, they work tirelessly as long as you feed them. The
fuller a slave is (full not over-fed), the harder they work. Sounds
like a utopia to me!
-You'll be able to make them do various mindless drudgeries. Some of these will include:
-Cart teams. (you can put harness' on villagers then attach them to a cart and your good to go)
(or just jump on the villager themselves. Although their not much
faster than you, they'll jump up one block gaps. Can also use 4 of them
to hold your palanquin)
-Farming (attaching a harness to a slave,
then a mould board plough to the harness enables you to direct the slave
to dig and replant farms.),
-Cleaning (goes round a marked area picking up carcass' then taking them to stewing pots, Kilns or a marked chest)
(will take food from a designated chest/ on top of target block then go
and place in/on target block, allowing you to easily automate feeding
Leads all Regular and/or Slave villagers in a definable area to a
certain point. And he pokes or beats them.


sure I'm going to have to add gravity to pistons. But only to
villagers. It would just be too much fun not to have. Plus helps with
breeding because you can just throw them out of breeding recognition
-New AI. Villagers will now use beds instead of being too scared to sleep. But don't worry, you'll fix that.
-Beheading. Can decapitate a carcass with a sword. Head can then be used in recipes/is placeable.
Eventually once you've committed enough acts of evil against one
village, all villagers will start to fear and loathe you. Children will
run in doors when they see you, mothers will cry a little, fathers just
stand there looking at the ground and shaking their heads. If you go
into their houses at night they will wake up and flee.
-Skeletons will rarely generate in abandoned mineshafts.
water flows. Will have varied uses, such as firing it from dispensers
(like a salt shotgun) or rubbing it in their wounds. You can also
over-feed villagers salt to give them scurvy. Maybe certain items float
in salt water? Carcass' definitely will, for easier transportation
Can be used as an alternate recipe for soap, or just used to torture
villagers. You have to render potash in a cauldron filled with water
over 3 days.
Then the barrel can be right clicked or activated with
redstone to fill a cauldron below it, or just burn the crap out of some
villagers. Lye destroys items.
-Flies. The entity will appear as a
number of flies, instead of just one. You can make ineffective weep
traps by filling an area with flies.
If too many carcass' are in one area then flies can easily swarm (although they de-spawn at night)
spread disease. Watch out! If your villagers are locked up for too
long, covered in dung for too long or covered in blood for too long,
then flies may be attracted to them and if they are immobile then they
will give them 'Fly Struck' and kill them within 3 days.
fork. You can place a tuning fork on a soulforge steel block, then
another on one of the sides. Come a thunderstorm, your channeling fork
will absorb 1/4 the lightning strikes. These are directed through the
tines on the side, to smite your villagers with your divine might.
Delusions of power inclusive.
Also maybe some villager frankenstein dealy. Why not!
love to eat carcass'. And if you don't feed em' a bunch and jab em'
with those stick machines a bunch, they'll probably maul the nearest
villager too.
-Possible addition of taxidermy in the future, probably
late in the BTW tech tree. Taxiderm your 'favourite' villager and live
next to him forever, stuffed on your couch. Can dress taxidermed
villagers in armor (including BTW armors ).


Fun Facts:

the oh so savage Abortion Boot. But hey, it may very well save you from
a Creepling or two. Just make sure! Also, there's no way to be sure
about such things. Also used to neuter grown villagers.
-Tear and blood flows will possibly be used in HCB for an evil twist on item transport.
is a way bigger deal than it seems. Villagers randomly aggro one
another or animals, meaning Villager Fights are possible (albeit strange
ones) Gladiator anyone?
Lord over your villagers as they do bloody battle, Roman style.
-Because of the nature of blood and salt water flows, automation requires a Block Detector/Buddy block, as well as a hopper.
Villagers and placing them on spear pistons can be used to make
villagers run endlessly, by timing piston popup. This can be used to
make different (and AWESOME) clocks, elaborate timing etc
-Auto force
feeding hellfire dust, then directing them with piston head spears
allows you to make an automatic miner (although losses would be bad) out
of podgy villagers. HOORAH!
-Blood can be bottled by filling a cauldron then using empty bottles on it.
-Pushing a piston into the head of a villager when they are immobilized, they will get Chinked Neck.
addons with mods such as Kaos BTW Deco addon (Bee swarm traps, Wax as
an immobilization like cement, but you can make human candles with tie
up villagers), Atmos Mobs (who doesn't want a piranha tank? Vultures
attack starving villagers you force out into the desert, bats you
unleash from the roof that drain all the villagers blood, cover
villagers in ground up paper and feed them to moths etc etc)
-You can throw your worthless emeralds to the villagers for free if you don't like trading. They will greedily hoard them.
emeralds to villagers will up their happiness to max! Unfortunately
Emeralds happen to be something of a creeper aphrodisiac, so any
villagers you give emeralds to are likely too be...craped.
The greater the emeralds, the greater the chance of craping.
more than 10 emeralds to any one villager in a day..... just don't do
it. Ever. For the love of god. Now you can only trade a few things each
day, unless you're the devil.

Secret Feature (don't look if you like your mind being clean)
can rarely target a female villager, or if you for some reason placed a
Fmale in a Wall Harness backwards then they will auto target her when
within range (creepers love doggy style, obviously). They will run up to
them and bump into them a whole bunch, hurting them slightly. The Fmale
is now....pregnant.
Pregnancy will proceed as normal, you may not
have noticed and will be joyous that there is a new baby on the way. On
the 8th day, a monstrosity is born. A Creepling explodes out of its
mother, killing her instantly. Like a child but with creeper skin, 4
legs and an insatiable need for its mothers flesh. As soon as its born
it will proceed to consume its mother's carcass over the course of the
day. Come nightfall it will be a fully grown half man half creeper (all
creepers are male ) This monstrosity has all the evil of a creeper,
with the lust of a man (WHAT THE FUCK). He will proceed to go around the
village in search of another Fmale villager to impregnate. Once having
violently procreated, the Creepling's already unstable genetic makeup
(having filled its sole purpose in life) falls apart. He will burn to
death on the spot, spreading a noxious gas.
-This gas can be
harnessed by making the Creepling cry. It will emit gas from its tears,
so just get a hopper filled with some glass bottles and make yourself a
gas chamber.
Creeper molestation is ruining your children!
Molestation will cause children to gain 'Craped' and will huddle in the
corner shaking all day.

How much further can I take it from there you ask!?
Open the spoiler to find out.

Crape storms. The ultimate fix for the trading system.
a villager obtains more than 10 emeralds in a day it will make every
Creeper within 40 blocks, come nightfall, crape aggro the village.
Any Creeplings inside the village will go mad and beat their way out the nearest door.
would ignore the player completely while they crape the villagers at
most 3 times each. The creepers only return to normal behavior come day
Also will make small jumps forward and make hiss (damage)
sound, like being hit from behind. Would mean slight increased speed
over flat areas, and occasionally leaping 1 block gaps.
This will
also for that night only enable creepers to beat their heads (literally)
on doors to break them down. Because of the high quantity of creepers
that would come,it would be conceivable that the small amount of damage
crapings deal would be enough to kill many villagers due to the density
of crapings. Children especially, because they have less health. High
chance of madness during crape storm nights.
If any villagers are left over from this ordeal, they would have happiness 0, prime breaking material

Also if anyone would like to help out with item/block/entity textures, just pm me.

I'm a fairly open minded person, feel free to throw any feedback/suggestions my way.

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by MilkyFresh on Mon May 28, 2012 1:18 pm

I would just like to reiterate that you are a mad genius and I want to touch your mouth.

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by Walnutman on Mon May 28, 2012 1:33 pm

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by Moldiworp2 on Mon May 28, 2012 1:34 pm

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by Moldiworp2 on Mon May 28, 2012 1:37 pm

Mojang is Bruce Campbell.
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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by Furburt on Mon May 28, 2012 2:04 pm

Life is worth living now.

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This device will make me holy
This device defies all laws

Laws that are stupid, and make no sense.

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

Post by MilkyFresh on Mon May 28, 2012 2:53 pm

I love the sentence "You can make ineffective weep traps by
filling an area with flies".

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Re: Minecraft Mod: Sadism

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