Badverts N10: Oh dear god what.

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Badverts N10: Oh dear god what.

Post by Fniff on Sun Nov 07, 2010 2:27 am

If there are any adverts I hate, they are google adverts. If there is any other adverts I hate, it's creationist ones. If there any more ones I hate, it's...All of them.

Now, problems.

1: This advert makes me wish for a nuclear winter. I don't mean a nuclear winter you survive. I mean "Nothing will survive.". Threads style, really. Also, watch that, that is really good. Well, anyway. Yeah, nuclear winter. Kill the assholes.
2:Look, you know dinosaurs? You know how they all look different? Well, it turns out they are all half formed versions of creatures such as lizards, birds and such. Hell, there are bones that show they had feathers, so they are now birds. Also, fossilization (How the bones are still around) is a 100 in 1 chance. We were lucky we found the bones we found. So, that's why we don't have millions of bones of half formed creatures! We only have a few hundred.
3: Evolution is not a hoax. If it is, then I am declaring that Norse Mythology is the truth. We are not having Christianity as truth until we have tried everything else. Why? Because Christianity is pretty boring. At least the Vikings had blood, mead and actually kinda interesting gods. Sure, it's blasphemy, but Christianity is blasphemy to basically every religion ever. So yeah. Maybe Vikings and Evolution together...

Thor decided to get really really smashed, then got bored and asked Odin to make a blob. Odin agreed, because Loki bet a planet that Odin would accept the first thing that Thor asks for, including and up to sex. Then, Odin decided that the blob was a bit dull, so he put some eyes on it. Then he realized it'd be never be perfect for him, so he got smashed and asked Thor to make the blob awesome. And to this day, Thor continues to make the blob more and more awesome, who eventually evolved into every lifeform ever.

4: There is no answers. I just told them all.







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Re: Badverts N10: Oh dear god what.

Post by GrinningManiac on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:48 pm

I'm all for Norse

They had a neat idea with regards to dealing with Omnipotence

"Yo, Haans, why is it that the Gods are all-powerful but bad things happen and they don't seem to stop them happening? What about the starving children in Scotland (Africa not discovered, remember?)"

"Duh! They're too busy getting drunk, laid and bashing each other's brains out with lightningbolts and hammers! No time for giving a f*ck!"

"Oh yeah"

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