Villainous Motivation

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Villainous Motivation

Post by GrinningManiac on Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:34 pm

Done wrote a thing for a thing I done wrote.

In this the villain (Tuillouis/Tully) appears before the heroes (Razul (Peabody) and Arnold). There's a reason he does this but that's another, earlier part in the scene. The bit I'm uploading is Razul confronting Tully about his motivations for betraying Razul and sending him up the river so that Tully could take over control of the government.

“What are you doing here? How are you here?” the Professor roared. He stormed up to the mirror and rapped furiously against the glass. Tuillouis gave a condescending smile.
“Due to the danger posed by Mister Razul de Taxila to the Republic,” Tuillouis quoted, “All powers necessary to the capture and containment of him and his rebellious cohorts shall be vested in the office of the Emergency Governor,”
“So they threw away democracy with a vote, did they?” Razul snarled, teeth bared, “what does that make you, then, a Tyrant-Elect?”
“It makes me the beginning, Peabody old friend,” Tuillouis smiled. Governor Tuillouis smiled, that is.
“Of what? Of your thousand-year rule?”
“Of a return to the glory days, just as you spoke of them,” Tuillouis said. His eyes palled again, thoughts carrying him away to realms of imagination unknown to Arnold. “A beginning of days when we shall no longer bend to the whims of politicians, of fools with no experience, no qualifications! No longer shall we be a body of reaction...we shall be a body of action!”
“But–” Arnold began.
“Just try and convert me to your garbling, spider,” Razul dared, cutting across Arnold with the cut of a blade, “you are a cancer – a needless overreaction to nonexistent faults! You will spread and you will homogenise and you will choke all of civilisation under your empire,”
“An empire, Peabody? Oh, but how droll,” the mirror-man laughed, “Yes, they call it the Republic Improbable – the Task at Hand, no? Oh, how I remember the first days of our Society, when we spoke of the difficulties of a multi-dimensional government! How naïve of me…to think others would understand what we were trying to accomplish! My one mistake…” he drifted briefly into his own mind. He snapped back like a mousetrap. “No, they broke their end of the bargain and thus dies the Republic Improbable. Now rises from the ashes…an Empire Impossible!” he mocked.
“You’re sick, Tully,” the Professor gagged, “you would cast us back into the void? The vortex? The dark days of the Odditorium?”
“Why are you doing this, Tully? Why?”
“Because I have waited too long at humanity’s beckons for them to make the right decisions and they never, ever have,”
“I don’t understand…”
“No, of course you wouldn’t. That’s the whole point! None of you understand! You’re all so stupid and selfish you could never hope to do anything right! Do you have any idea how…how lonely it feels? To be the only sane man on earth? Because I’ve looked. I’ve looked through all humanity, through all history and through the infinite fractal facets of our dimensions and yet I have never once found anyone who wasn’t so stupid it made me gag to think that they had any modicum of control or influence over their fellow man. How close we fly to the sun every day, Peabody. How we grip the knife’s-edge of survival by the tips of our fingers. How incompetent and self-destructive a work is a man!” He boiled. Arnold had been pushed to the sidelines by this clash of otherworldly politics. He moved across the room, eyes never leaving the feuding old men, reaching for his sword…
“But we’ve done so much as a species, Tully,” Razul countered, finger thrust forward with all the intensity of a knife, “how can you…how can you have the audacity to forsake humanity so?”
“Because man is too thick, too arrogant and impatient! He lacks application! He is an ape, a wandering inventor of crude tools with which he tears up the soil, scrapes the sky and murders his own kin! And yet all that he creates could be used for good! All he needs is a shepherd, someone who can direct!”
“Someone who can dictate,” Razul scoffed.
“Exactly!” Tullouis glowed, “Exactly just so!”
“Humans are not perfect, Tuillouis, we have our flaws. But our freedom is one of our greatest resources…”
“Shut up, shut up, shut up! You sound like them!” He looked fit to catch alight. You could have sworn steam would start piping out of his ears. He instantly regained himself, stroking the bald of his head once over. “You’re so much better than that, Razul,” he smiled with tight lips, “Freedom is nothing if not anarchy. Chaos, as it were. All that humanity can accomplish that is good does not, it cannot, necessitate the freedom to do evil as well!”
“And you would be that shepherd, Tully? What gives you the right to decide the fate of everyone?!”
“Because I’m smarter than them! I’m smarter than all of them - all of you!” Tuillouis erupted. He shook whatever was capturing his image with a violent temper and the screen fuzzed and frayed. The image readjusted itself, Tuillouis being caught at a lower angle. He towered over the camera. “Do you have any possible conception of the sheer frustration I felt every day being surrounded by the politicians and the public and the people, all screaming for their voices to be heard, all convinced that their opinions had some merit, some worth, some bizarre entitlement to have their moronic, uniformed bigoted and damn-well useless thoughts respected? The greedy, the cruel, the warmongering and the arguing and the violent and the gluttonous and the malicious and the rest of them!”
“People have the right to have their voices heard!”
“Why?! Why do they!? What do they do other than dilute debate with their idiocy and fog the mind with waste and garbage! Because there’s no convincing them! They don’t argue because they believe what they say – they argue to win! For power, for stubbornness’ sake! Don’t you see? I know you see it, I know you do!” he held out hands imploringly at Razul, “You’re the only one who ever understood! No matter what you say, no matter how many facts, how many individual ways you can counter their stupid ideas they will not back down! Not ever! Because they honestly think they’re right!”
“What makes you any different!?”
“Because I am right! I have looked everywhere for anything that I didn’t know – I talked with the ‘greatest minds’,” he sang the words with mocking drama, “I read the masters of all fields throughout history and all of them paled beside me,” he burned. And then it stopped. The fire inside of him, that is. There was a wetness in his eyes, “…all of them except you,” he muttered bitterly.
“Then why, Tully? Why throw me out? Why try and have me killed?” Razul was right up against the mirror at this point, his long flat-tipped nose poised inches from the image of his childhood friend, now some strange, unrecognisable beast. The beast looked up through knitted brows.
“Because you chose them, Peabody,” Tuillouis said. “When it mattered most you chose them over me. But it’s not too late. I’m leading the manhunt at the moment but that’s an emergency measure. In short order I’ll have to delegate to one of the Court Martials and they will hunt you mercilessly. But I can be merciful. I can make this all end. Like that,” he said, snapping his fingers. “All I would ask of you would be that you accept the irrefutable truth that the world would be better were it led by us. That’s all I need – your hand in partnership,”
“Why I would ever-“
“Think, Peabody, of what we could achieve!”
“For what? Humanity would live under a yoke of…”
“Humanity would live in a utopia!” Tuillouis cut through
“...a yoke of dictatorship! You would have us resurrect some shambling corpse of the Odditorium and then, what, we would rule as dimensional diarchs?”
“It would be different…”
“It would be wrong!”
“It would be…” they continued on, clashing again and again in some ridiculous ideological fist-fight. Arnold stood in the corner, fingers tickling the pommel of his blade uncertainly. He didn’t care about any of this! He wanted to go home! A muffled thunderclap briefly blocked the bickering, but Arnold’s mind continued to boil with anger, turning on a spit of rage. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. This was meant to be about him! Tuillouis had said he’d get him home…and now, once again, Arnold was a nobody talking to himself in his lonely little mind. Forgotten. No-one asking what he thought, casting him into the dimensions without even asking if he wanted to! Well, damnit, he wasn’t going to take this any longer! He’d get his voice heard! The crash as the point of the sword shattered the mirror was loud and dramatic. It cut the argument into ribbons and silenced the room. It had not, however, cast Tuillouis’ presence from the mirror. From behind the cracked glass and on the shards in the floor, a dozen curious faces looked back at him.

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Re: Villainous Motivation

Post by LordCuthberton on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:29 pm

Nobody cares.


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Re: Villainous Motivation

Post by Furburt on Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:35 pm

I always happen on these long and presumably good threads when I'm so stoned I can't finish 3 sentences without forgetting what it was about. What I have skimmed of this read well.

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Re: Villainous Motivation

Post by MilkyFresh on Mon Mar 05, 2012 8:16 pm

I read that whole thing through in Muhammad Ali's voice for some reason. It was pretty damn good.

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Re: Villainous Motivation

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