Badverts N9: Double Feature!

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Badverts N9: Double Feature!

Post by Fniff on Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:15 pm

Oh god what.


1: Sorry about the messed up cropping, but it is the adverts fault. It has messed up cropping.

2:Oh god what is that thing. That is not human. Very not human. So not human.

3: Asking the same questions, are we? Who is he? We might be able to guess, if we could see THE FRAKING NAMES. I AM VERY VERY VERY ANNOYED AT THIS. HOW DO YOU EXPECT US TO KNOW.

Wait, there is more!

Err... What.


1: Ah, yes. Those classic characters. Stoned ghost, retarded fish thing and satan skull. What am I looking at here? Also, Halloween does not have a character.

2: This was animated. The ghost was having a seizure... This advert is so surreal, I almost like it.

3: Again, Halloween does not have a character. Note this.

4: "Hey, Gary, I am a retarded fish thingy!" "Really? I am a Satan Skull!" "Hey guys, I am a epileptic ghost!"

Well, there you have it. Discuss.







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Re: Badverts N9: Double Feature!

Post by Dude on Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:48 am

The funny part is it actually does kinda look like Jean Reno

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