Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

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Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

Post by Fniff on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:34 pm

Humanity's greatest aspect is probably hope. The problem is that it matters for shit when you are at the bottom of the ocean, you are splicing yourself up to feel something other then numbness and the splicers are banging on your door screaming bloody murder. Hope is useless, and thus, humanity is merely a painful construct with no point other then to screw things up and delude themselves into hope. Rapture was made of hope and dreams, and it was surprising it held up that long before it all fell apart. Adam was a tool to make humans stronger, better, smarter, then they already were. The scientists who extracted the precious Adam from the Sea Slugs did not think that this would lead to families being torn apart, perfectly good people being turned into mindless automatons and addicts roaming the streets killing anything that does not fit their tiny insane world.

Welcome to Rapture. You are a citizen who is either spliced up or just trying to survive. You have to survive for as long as possible in this new terrifying nightmare that was called Rapture, the city under the sea. Will you survive, or just be a ghost only remembered by the contents of his pockets and his audio diaries? The tale of your struggles in Rapture will begin just after the entire place went to shit on New Year's. Not that long though, about a day or so.

Character Sheet:

Name: The hardest part.
Gender: She or he?
Backstory: What did he do?
Inventory: What is he wearing and owning when everything was falling apart?
Sanity: Paint a picture of how your character is holding up.







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Re: Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

Post by Komrade Kharloth on Sun Sep 04, 2011 10:59 pm

Name: Anton Alexanderov.
Gender: Soviet
Backstory: Minor KGB agent who accidentally wound up in rapture, taken in by anti-ryan fishermen.
Inventory: Grey turtleneck, jeans, and a wool cap, beard, knife and handgun.
Sanity: Bit unhinged, he's living in a place he can't escape and hates everything it stands for.

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Re: Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

Post by Mr. Wiggles on Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:18 pm

Sorry lad would join but I don't have a great grip of the Bioshock mythos having only briefly played the first game.


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Re: Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

Post by GrinningManiac on Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:10 pm

Don't mind me, I'm just posting in everything

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Re: Dreaming Of The Sea: A Bioshock Roleplay

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