Fniff Reviews: Badverts N7

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Fniff Reviews: Badverts N7

Post by Fniff on Tue Oct 26, 2010 5:14 pm

This is a user submitted one (Thanks Furburt!). I urge you all to attempt to report terrible, terrible web adverts, and for god's sake don't click on them. It probably gives your computer cancer or something.

Oh perfect, this is an advert I have been looking for! This should be entertaining!


1: (Furburt's contribution) First of all, he looks like an onion.

Second of all, that's the kind of question you'd ask a 5 year old, not the kind you'd get 25 grand for answering.

My oh my, we have a growing Advert Hunter on our hands.

2: Those numbers are ludicrous. 500 would be insane for a reward for completing a question, but for frak's sake, why 25,000 big ones!?

3: The frak is up with his eyes? He seems to have a western style, why does there need to be anime eyes?

Keep sending in web adverts, people!







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Re: Fniff Reviews: Badverts N7

Post by GrinningManiac on Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:57 pm

His eyes are so sad...

they say to me: "Viewer...I am so, SO sorry for this. I don't want to scam you! I know you don't believe me...please...my boss...he hurts me...he hurts me so bad..."

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